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Information regarding the concentrated Redox Signal Molecules product

Feeling good, a good condition, healthy skin and vibrant energy starts with healthy water

Water is of vital importance. Water purifies, cleans and keeps us alive. Simply because our body consists of at least 75% water. Without water we dry out and we get all kinds of health problems. When it comes to health, it is very important to find out the cause of complaints. Always consult a doctor to be sure of the cause of any disease or condition.

There are a number of things that are very important and where everyone can take responsibility for themselves to be and stay healthy! Drink enough, get our acid-base balance back in balance, clean our body from poisons and blockages. Health comes from within, it is therefore important to get the body back into balance.

The causes of diseases

Virus infections, Fungi, Bacteria, Acidification, Poisoning (due to bad water, sweeteners and / or medicines), Constipation (kidneys, intestines, bile and liver stones). Ultimately, it all has to do with balance. Our health is based on maintaining our inner environment. An important factor in maintaining a good acid-base balance is the healthy intestinal flora. Our energy is directly related to a healthy intestinal flora, when this is out of balance we often feel tired and lifeless.

A quality of water is that the Redox value, the number of negative ions, of the water increases when we put voltage on it. This increased Redox value disappears when we add fungi, viruses and bacteria to the water. The increased Redox value then cancels out the viruses, fungi and foreign bacteria, so that the water regains its normal Redox value. In other words: the water is water again and the viruses, fungi and foreign bacteria are gone.

Afbeelding van iemand met handen gespreid voor een waterval

What is redox?

A redox reaction is a reaction between molecules and / or ions in which electrons are exchanged. The term Redox is a combination of the terms reduction and oxidation. The Redox value indicates how clean the water is, the higher the Redox value, the less viruses, fungi and bacteria can thrive in it. The Redox value is measured in Millivolts and is indicated as Oxidation Redox Potential. The abbreviation for this is: OrpV

The Redox value of rainwater, healthy spring water and normal drinking water has a Redox value of 200 – 230 OrpV. Everything can thrive, grow and flourish here, including viruses, fungi and bacteria. Viruses, fungi and bacteria do not thrive with a high Redox value. This is an effective way to combat diseases that can be traced back to viruses, fungi and bacteria. Too many positive ions (these are the minuses in the water, because positive is bad), or a low Redox value, is harmful to our health. Do you know the pleasant feeling of freshness after a downpour, in the middle of a dense forest or near a waterfall, where the ions are split when the water hits the rocks? An increased Redox value makes water ACTIVE and can therefore allow the metabolism and body functions to run more efficiently: both to nourish and detoxify the cell and also to optimize the mutual and intracellular cell communication.

Increasing Redox value

Increasing the Redox value in water can be done in three ways:

  •   Adding chlorine
  •   Add salt
  •   Through Negative Ionization
    Chlorine and (too much) salt have a bad effect on our health, that of our animals and our crops. However, water companies often use chlorine and salt to maintain the redox value of the water. A high Redox value of tap water can therefore give the impression that the water is healthy and ACTIVE. We therefore leave tap water with a high Redox value standing for a day, so that the chlorine can evaporate, and then measure the Redox value again. In many cases, the Redox value is then very low.

Negative ionization over the years several companies have dealt with negative ionization of water. All kinds of machines and equipment have been developed for this, but they all have the property that they cannot retain the increased redox value in the water, so that the effect is lost.

Stable redox molecules are simply developed on the basis of negative ionization. In contrast to other systems, the stable redox molecules have a long shelf life, it retains the increased redox value and remains equally active. In fact, the positive properties of an increased Redox value are retained after freezing or cooking. To be able to ionize water negatively, salt is needed to conduct electricity through the water. This will pull out the salt (sodium chloride) that is being used and make it look like you smell chlorine. So this is not chlorine! The amount of salt used to develop the stable redox molecules is very nil.

Stable redox molecules are so active that the 1st% stable redox molecules increase the redox value of water by approx. 200 OrpV. Every percent after that increases the Redox value of the water by another 100. The Redox value of the water can never exceed the Redox value that stable redox molecules have at that moment. The pH value of stable redox molecules is 6.95 – 7.2. The pH value of water is virtually unaffected by the addition of stable redox molecules. It is a natural way to prevent and combat diseases caused by viruses, fungi and bacteria.

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