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What is the secret of staying healthy?

Cell communication! Health at cell level!

If even 1/10th of the promise of redox signaling plays out, it will revolutionize functional medicine and nutrition as we know them


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Kirsten, 34 yrs.

After three weeks using Cellprotect I experienced more energy. Especially in the evening I seem to have more energy than before. I also feel better focused and it has a positive effect on my digestion. From the start Marjolijn kept in contact and the questions I had were readily answered, I really liked that. I experienced excellent service from Cellular Health and would recommend anyone to give Cellprotect a try.

Rosalina 38 yrs.

Since I have been using Redox I feel a lot fitter and healthier. The structure of my hair has improved enormously, I have experience more energy and my weight stabilized. The most important advantage is that by taking Redox molecules, I feel very safe and protected not catching any disease or virus. Good health is priceless and worth more than gold. Redox helps me achieve and maintain this position.

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Dick 58 yrs.

I have been using Cellprotect since April 2020. The first couple of days I had a little headache, which appeared to be a sign of detoxification. I have a limited diet, because of several intolerances. At first I didn’t notice much change. But over time I noticed improved vitality. I could walk the stairs more smoothly, picked up the less fun household chores more easily and had the energy to continue activities in the evening.
I also noticed that after exercising I needed less and less time to recover.
Up till now (October 2020) I realize not having a cold since. Mixing Cellprotect with a liter water, I realized how little water I drank during the day. That has improved automatically!

Recently I increased my intake of Redox Molecules (more than 30ml a day) and I notice that after training I recover faster and notice my nails to be stronger. 

The more I learn about Redox I’m more determined to continue using Cellprotect to support my immune system.

Lisa, 49 yrs.

Deepak Chopra said “our body is made up of all kinds of processes, and the basis of which is “The Dance of Molecules in Our Body ”

Redox gave me a new start after a difficult time in several areas of my life. I was tired, binged and my mental state shifted from moment to moment. However I did eat healthy, I knew there was something missing. Nourishing your body starts at a cellular level, that is the basis and that appeared to be missing.

Time for a change: a new start! I started energy exercises, changed on a physical and mental level, AND I started off daily use of Redox Molecules.

In short: Redox provides me a lot! Immediately after the first day I felt better, mentally and physically. My focus is clear and I feel balanced. I can think clearer and I am full of creativity and ideas again 🙂 After years I started exercising again and Redox also helps with that. During training I drink water with Redox and even after training I did not have any muscle pain.


Rosita & Wim

My husband and I started with Redox a few months ago on the advice of treating therapist. . Due to health problems that emerged in my husband, a test showed that they were largely caused by the synthetic drugs that he had to use after apparent heart attacks.

Now, a few months later, his system has been cleaned up considerably with the support of Redox signal molecules. The oxidative stress displayed by his system is significantly less. That also applies to myself. We are both energetic workers and know that the system must be well supported at the cellular level.

My husband is now in rehabilitation from a stroke and I am convinced that the use of the redox also provides good support to help the brain cells. We will certainly continue! Especially in this particularly challenging time when stress is rampant, redox is a solid partner to help arm you at the cellular level. If you care about your health, do the right thing to boost your immune system. Prevention is still better than cure!


Cellulaire Health from the inside out


We live in a rapidly changing society that constantly demands more energy, better concentration, higher vitality – everything that helps us perform better and feel healthier. Isn’t it strange that many of us are looking for health products that actually do nothing for our health?

The experts talk about health at a whole new level: at the cellular level.

Every system in the body relies on healthy cells and optimum cell communication, which in turn relies on redox signaling molecules, crucial messengers made within the cell.