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Redox signal molecules are made in every cell in the body and are vital to life. They act as carriers of mobile messages. This allows them to protect the cells, renew them, detect faulty cells and destroy them if necessary. Due to our living environment (such as air pollution, pesticides, poor quality of food), stress and the aging of the years, the balance between production and necessary redox molecules is disrupted. Supplementing by taking in extra redox signal molecules helps to restore the balance. 

Redox Science is a relatively young science. In the meantime, several journals dealing with redox signaling and more than 10,000 scientific articles have been published. New studies are published daily. Take a look at Google Scholar for yourself under the search term Redox signaling or redox science.

In order for all reactions that take place every second in our body to run as smoothly as possible, communication between all cells is necessary. It ensures, among other things, that all processes run optimally, derailed cells are detected in time, cells are renewed and destroyed on time.
The statements “Let your cells talk” and “We live and die on cellular
levels show the importance of cell communication. This is under considerable pressure due to all the wireless communication that we cannot and do not want to do without.

Our living conditions, stress and aging reduce the production of these special molecules. By drinking this daily as a supplement, you ensure sufficient energy, so that the cells can continue to function optimally. It slows down aging processes and supports your body’s self-healing ability. The best way to grow old (er) healthy!!

For starters, these cells are produced in every cell in your body. Various studies have been conducted into, among other things, the effect on the skin and use directly in your eyes.

For starters, these cells are produced in every cell in your body. Various studies have been conducted into, among other things, the effect on the skin and use directly in your eyes.

Redox molecules are produced by putting water to which table salt (NaCl) has been added under electric voltage. Literally a current flows through the water. This pulls all the molecules of the water H2O and NaCl apart and creates other combinations of the H, O, Na and Cl, which we call redox molecules.

Some people think it tastes like salt, others smell “chlorine”.

A bottle of Cellprotect contains 2.7 grams of NaCl. People on a low-salt diet can use this product daily without any problem.

If, despite dissolving in liters of water, you still find the taste or smell very unpleasant, you can add a dash of Rooibos tea. This immediately binds the smell and taste.

Yes it is safe to use in combination with medicines. You may have to taper off your medication, because your body will become “healthier” and therefore need less. Do NOT use Cellprotect in combination with artificial sugars, such as aspartame, and in combination with Cortisones!

The company Asea sells redox signal molecules in a dissolved version. Instead of 1 bottle of concentrate, you use 4 bottles per month. The price is also of a completely different order.

Yes, Cellprotect is a special product, but miracles do not exist. Depending on your lifestyle and health status, you will need additional supplements. How healthy do you eat? Are you moving enough? What health challenges do you know? Your body will function more efficiently, so the need for additives will decrease. Apart from that the majority of our diet does not contain enough nutrients. It may also be that your medication can be reduced.